dirtyJOE v1.6 (c472)

It is over two years since the last update of dirtyJOE. Actually this project was pretty much dead between 10.2011 and 03.2013 (17 months!) but I’ve managed to brace myself and put some new features together (finally!). Basically there is one new, big functionality called Restore Debug Info and bunch of small usability improvements. New version is available for download at http://dirty-joe.com, below you can find detailed changelog (with some screenshots):

  • Added Restore Debug Info feature (GUI and command line support) – more details will be included in the follow up post about java bytecode debugging
  • Added viewer and editor for LocalVariableTable attribute
  • Added viewer for LineNumberTable attribute
  • Added modification indicator (asks for save before exit)
  • Added list of recently opened files in File menu
  • Most of small windows can be closed with ESC key
  • Added search possibility to the generic viewer window
  • Methods/Fields tab changes:
    • Double click on the Methods/Fields list now launches editor for the default attribute (e.g. Code Editor)
    • Double click on the preview panel now launches editor for the default attribute
  • Constant Pool tab changes:
    • Added ability to set decimal/hexadecimal index on the list
    • Added ability to set case sensitiveness for Active search
  • Code Editor changes:
    • Added support for keyboard shortcuts – copy, edit, find, opcode description
    • Added search possibility
    • Added Edit opcode action to the context menu
    • Added Add exception handler for selected region to the context menu
    • Name of the current function visible in the window title
    • Remember hex/addr/disasm settings for Copy selection action
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed Register Shell Extension action
    • Fixed possible hang on startup update check
    • Save file automatically adds .class extension if extension was not specified
    • Fixed problem with displaying long strings on Constant Pool tab
    • Fixed problem with Python support in TotalCmd plugin


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